Experts Svilotsel EAD consider the CHEMAGREGAT as the reliable partner

19 September 2013 year

"The equipment "CHEMAGREGAT" works without problems, production differs high quality and competitive price" - EAD is noted in the missive Svilotsel.

In the document also it is emphasized that "Himagregat Burgas" OOD is the reliable and loyal partner on whom it is possible to count.

In 2012 Svilotsel EAD were bought by the company pumps AXH 50/32.21 for work on sulfuric acid and on chloride of sodium and the pump AXH 50/25.4 for work with the polluted condensate. Delivery was carried out in time, according to wishes of the client.

Отзивъй Свилоцел ЕАД полный_001.jpg

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