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Electric pump devices

Electric pump devices (horizontal chemical pumps with side and gland sealing, sealed with magnetic coupling, special pumps, semi-submersible oil and chemical pumps) are hydraulic machines converting mechanical energy of the drive engine into the liquid flow energy serving for movement and production of pressure if various types of liquids, mechanical mixture of liquid with solid and colloid substances.

Oil submersible pumps НВ‑Д‑1М

Oil vertical semisubmersible centrifugal pumps of НВ-Д-1М series are designed for pumping gas concentrate, oil, oil products, easily inflammable liquids, water with oil and/or solid pollutants from underground tanks ЕП and ЕПП.

The pumps are made according to the scheme with "dry" shaft line, the flow part is separated from shaft line with a chamber filled with oil and double side sealing, in the pump, there is the drain space with leakage control sensor in case of the sealing wear.

In the standard version, the flow part is made from various brands of stainless steel.


Chemical shut-off and control valves are designed for covering and controlling the aggressive liquid flows. The armature of class "A" according to GOST9544-93 (apart from the reverse chemical valves).

For armature with manual drive (flywheel, handle) as well as for the armature with manual reduction drives and electric drives with manual doublers, the closing force must correspond with ОСТ 26-07-420-83.

On special demand, it is possible to produce the armature with the technical characteristics differing from the ones in the tables (in particular, the temperature ranges).

Pipelines and fittings

Pipeline elements lined up with fluoroplastic Ф-4 (PTFE), for wide implementation in chemical and oil-chemical industry, metallurgy and energy (including atomic) for operation with high-corrosion, aggressive medium. Connection to the pipeline occurs due to flange connection according GOST12822-80.


Bulk-capacity tanks lined up with polymers, enamelled and from stainless steel. Non-standard models are made according to the particular productions requirements. This kind of equipment is widely used at productions which technological process is related to oil-containing, corrosive and chemically active medium storage.

Hi-Tech sealing systems

Are applied to sealing of shaft of electric pump units, capacitor devices with mixing devices, etc., rotating elements of the machine working in extremely severe constraints (ultraboundary temperature modes, an elevated pressure in units, chemically active environments)


Group of companies "CHEMAGREGAT" produces industrial filters and filter elements from carbon and stainless steel (304, 316L) using plastpolymeric compounds. Our items are used for particle separation in aggressive liquids and implemented in various industry sections.