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Industrial bulk-capacity tanks

Group of companies "CHEMAGREGAT" offer production of non-standard equipment, industrial bulk-capacity tanks from carbon or stainless (304) steel lined up with polymers - fluoroplastic Ф-4 (РTFE), fluoroplastic Ф-40 (ЕTFE) and polypropylene (PP). The tanks are made in cylinder or square shapes. Lining up thickness is 2 - 8 mm. Maximum volume of lined up АЕП is 6 m3. Operating temperature is -50°C — 150°C. 
Acceptable pressure is up to 1,6 MPa. АЕП of large volume are mounted from cylinder shells with the diameter up to 3000 mm and height up to 1500 mm. Lining up is Ф-4, 2-4 mm thick. Operating temperature is -50°C — 150°C. Acceptable pressure is up to 1,6 MPa.

Technical characteristics of АЕП, АЕП-reactors (9 Мб)