Electric pump devices

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Chemical pumps АХН

Horizontal centrifugal pumps of АХН series are implemented in various kinds of industry and are designed for pumping neutral and chemically aggressive liquids, they may be made in the following versions:

  • Hydraulic and flow part are completely made from polymeric compounds.
  • Hydraulic part is from carbon or stainless steel, flow part is from various plastpolymers (fluoroplastic Ф-50, polypropylene PP, polyethylene of high molecular weight HMWPE).
  • Hydraulic part and flow part are from carbon or stainless steel.

Sealed chemical pumps ГХН

Sealed centrifugal pumps of ГХН series are implemented in many industry sections: chemical, energy, atomic, metallurgy, pharmaceutic, etc. Their general intent is pumping liquids even minimum loss of which is unacceptable such as chemically aggressive, toxic, radio active, fire-explosive and specially valuable.

High indexes of sealness of this type of pumps are reached due to implementation of magnetic baffles separated by the shield for pumping part drive. Typical feature is no sealings.

Hydraulic part of centrifugal sealed pump may be both completely polymeric and made in metallic frame from carbon or stainless steel with the flow part lined up with plastpolymer.

Semisubmersible chemical pumps АХПН

Semisubmersible vertical pumps of АХПН series are the type of vertical pumps widely implemented in energy, metallurgy and chemical industry, in pharmaceutic production and other areas requiring pumping of aggressive liquids (of any level, even chlorhydric and fluorhydric acids).

Chemically submersible pumps may be used for interaction with almost any operating medium. Level of medium aggressiveness for operation with submersible pumps often depends on the material the flow part is made from, fluoroplastic F-50 or stainless alloys.


The DEF SAFE Pump is a new, revolutionary product with a patented “Dynamic Control” [patent pending] system that actively monitors any contaminants within the pump and stops the operation of the pump before any contamination takes place. The only pump on the market to guarantee protection from Diesel Exhaust Fluid Contamination.