Filtering systems

Devices for liquid flow cleaning from mechanical impurities

Alongside with production of the standard industrial equipment (pumps, shutoff and control valves, tanks equipment), CJSC Group of companies "CHEMAGREGAT" develops and offers industrial devices and plants based on the advanced achievements of the world technologies.

The example of such developments may be constructions of the systems for liquid flow cleaning from mechanical impurities. These systems were have been developed and produced in close cooperation with the equipment manufacturers, global leaders in the field of liquid medium cleaning technology.

Operating principle: one- or two-step flow cleaning based on the principles of centrifugal separation and/or filtration. Depending on the assigned task, one- or two-step flow cleaning is implemented. According to the flow and separated particles qualities, the plant combining the principles of centrifugal separation and following filtration is developed based only on one of the principles.

Competitive advantages of the devices of CJSC Group of companies "Chemagregat":

Centrifugal separation Mechanical filtering

— High productivity

— Low price

— Outstanding reliability

— Continuous process

— Small pressure drop

— High efficiency

— Low operation expenditures

— Simple operation

— High efficiency

— Low operation expenditures

— Simple operation

— Convenient unloading of the filtered product


  • Cleaning of amine solution in the amine cleaning plant loop.
  • Cleaning of the hardening oil in pyrolysis plants
  • Cleaning of the cubic product of coke and catalyst dust in the cracking plants
  • Water cleaning from scale in the circulating water loops of rolling mills
  • Cooling water cleaning in water circulation systems of enterprises
  • Municipal intake water cleaning from sand
  • Everywhere solid impurities must be removed from liquid flows.

Examples of implementation of the devices for liquid flow cleaning

Агрегаты для очистки жидких потоков от механических примесей

Two-step cleaning of the cooling water flow at the centrifugal separation plant with the productivity of 4200 m3/h.

Cups protection against clogging

Агрегаты для очистки жидких потоков от механических примесей

Solid impurities deposited on the internal cup surface lead to reduction of the cups operation efficiency, require higher pressure to maintain the necessary spraying mode, often complete block liquid output from small holes. To prevent these effects, devices (systems) for the sprayed liquid cleaning from mechanical impurities are implemented. Our cleaning systems allow to:

  • Avoid deposit formation, clogging and abrasive wear of the equipment surfaces
  • Reduce expenses for the cups repair/replacement as well as for the equipment shutdown time

Агрегаты для очистки жидких потоков от механических примесей

Completely automatic device for amine solution cleaning with automatic reverse cleaning function allows to completely minimize the possibility of the staff contact with amines and H2S.

Paper industry

The water released from the cellulose pulp after the paper making machine must pass several filtration stages before the repeated use. At the first stage. fibers are separated which may be returned to paper production process. However, after this stage of filtration, there are still fiber particles inclined to form agglomerates and units which may cause harm to the equipment located downstream, for instance, put out the calibrates cups.

Агрегаты для очистки жидких потоков от механических примесей

The tube slot filter with automatic washing system we offer are capable of keeping the residual amount of fibers protecting the equipment from damages. Long-term experience of operating slot tube filters has shown their undeniable advantage in filtering cellulose fibers against conventional filtering nets. While net filters are practically irreversibly clogged with fibers, the slot filters continue operating. The fibers kept by them are easily removed during the reverse washing.