Oil semisubmersible pumps

Pumps of НВ-Д-1М series

The pumps of НВ-Д-1М series for pumping gas condensate, methanol, oil products and heavily polluted oil containing liquids from underground tanks ЕП (ЕПП) and reservoirs of oil storages with immersion depth up to 14 m.

Continuing the development of the production line of chemical vertical semisubmersible pumps produced by the company, the specialists of CJSC Group of companies "CHEMAGREGAT" (Moscow) have developed the new pump series НВ-Д-1М for oil and gas industry. Wide size range of the new series provides efficient pumping of liquids from both ЕП (ЕПП) tanks and from large reservoirs of oil storages up to 14 m high and with the volume of several thousand cubic meters.

Нефтяные полупогружные насосы

Characteristics range of the pumps НВ-Д-1М, supply from 12.5 m3/h to 300 m3/h and pressure from 20 to 80 m, gives the customer an opportunity to select the device of optimal size mostly suitable for the particular production technological tasks, reduce the electric engine power and reduce power consumption.

Increasing the new pumps НВ-Д-1М supply from 12.5 m3/h to 80 m3/h compared to the existing commercial analogues provides new technological possibilities for designing oil-field and oil processing enterprises.

Shaft sealing in the pump is made with double side sealing of "tandem" type with the separating oil space not requiring sealing liquid supply from outside and corresponding with the requirements of GOST R 52743-2007 for the pumps pumping liquids with vapours form explosive mixtures with air, categories IIА, IIВ and groups Т1, Т2, Т3,Т4 and fire safety requirements ОСТ26-06-2028-96 ССБТ.

Construction of the pump НВ-Д-1М produced by CJSC Group of companies "CHEMAGREGAT" contains a number of technical solutions significantly increasing its operational qualities and reliability against the existing domestic analogues, pumps НВ-М and НВ-Д (ВНД)

According to the requirements of the leading specialists of oil and gas exploring enterprises, the flow part of the pumps НВ-Д-1М is completely made from martensitic, wear-resistant, stainless steel. The flow part completely excludes the parts from carbon steel with low corrosion resistance of 35ХМЛ type, steel 20, 40X and other steel types exposed to fast wear.

Construction of the pumps НВ-Д-1М pays special attention to workability in the open air without shelter in the conditions determined by the climatic version and location category УХЛ1. The pumps НВ-Д-1М allow any environmental impacts: rain, melted water pour, etc. Upper bearing unit of the shaft line is located above the support plate and protected with the bearing insulator which provides the reliable operation of the bearing during short-term operation under water. As a result, during upper part of the pump flooding, water is not accumulated in the spaces and after the exhaust in flows freely out not effecting the bearing insulator unit. Such construction of the pump does not offer any additional measures to seal the joints "electric engine - electric engine support - support plate" during assembly and disassembly of the electric engine. In this case pump storage is allowed with disassembled electric engine at open areas.

Construction of the pump НВ-Д-1М excludes the pump failure due to liquid penetration to the internal shaft line space. To do it, below the lower bearing level, there is the drain space with sealing liquid leakage control sensor and the drain plug. Liquid penetrating to the shaft line is accumulated in this space not effecting the bearing. When hazardous volume of leakage is reached, sensor is actuated with the signal of the defined operations necessity.

Нефтяные полупогружные насосы

Unlike НВ-Д-1М, in the pumps НВ-Д (ВН-Д) and НВ-М, leakage sensor located above the support bearing has the dead zone and the bearing operates immersed in the liquid until it is actuated. Practically, in most cases it leads to emergency damage of the bearing, sealing unit and flow part in general with the pump liquid breakthrough to the shaft line.

In the pumps НВ-Д-1М standard units and part of the leading global manufacturers are implemented: SKF bearing not requiring maintenance for the whole lifetime; high-quality sealing John Crane from specially selected material for a particular application field; elastic baffles proven to perform well in the conditions of wide temperature range. Special attention is paid to simplification of technical maintenance of the pumps НВ-Д-1М in the field conditions. For instance, construction of the pumps allows replacement, assembly and disassembly of the impeller without oil drain from the separating space. Modular tie system provides the possibility to increase the pump immersion depth depending on a particular technological process features. For large reservoirs it may reach 14 m.

All the pumps pass the stand tests. The assigned lifetime of the pumps is 25 years. Inter-repair time is 10000 hours. The warranty is provided for 2 years. The pumps are made in climatic versions УХЛ1, УХЛ2 and У2.5 and equipped with explosion-proof electric engines completely corresponding with the safety requirements for oil and gas industry.

Currently, this pump model is successfully delivered to the enterprises "TNK-VR", "Lukoil", "Tatneft", "NK Salym Petroleum".

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