Electrically driven pumps (horizontal chemical pumps with mechanical and gland seals, leakproof pumps with magnetic clutches, special pumps, semisubmersible oil and chemical pumps) are hydraulic machines transforming the mechanical power of the driving engine into the fluid energy.


Horizontal and vertical semi-submersible pumps designed for use during the technological processes of oil, petrochemical and gas industry, as well as vertical semi-submersible pumps of HB-D-1M series designed to pump the gas condensate, oil, petrochemicals, highly flammable liquids and water with oil and/or particulate pollutants from the underground storage tanks (underground vessels and those with preheaters).


The DEF SAFE Pump is a new, revolutionary product with
a patented «Dynamic Control» system that actively
monitors any contaminants within the pump and stops
the operation of the pump before any contamination
takes place


Chemical stop and control valves produced by CJSC Group of Companies “CHEMAGREGAT” are designed to stop and control flows of aggressive fluids. “A” shutoff class of valves according to GOST9544-93 (except for chemical check valves).


Pipeline elements lined with fluoroplastic Ф-4 (PTFE), for wide application in chemical and petro-chemical industry, in metallurgy and power industry (including atomic engineering) for operation with high corrosive, aggressive media. Connection to the pipeline is executed via flanged joint according to GOST12822-80.


Еreservoirs, lined with polymers, enamel-lined as well as from stainless steels. Nonstandard models are made in compliance with the needs of particular enterprises.


Are applied to sealing of shaft of electric pump units, capacitor devices with mixing devices, etc., rotating elements of the machine working in extremely severe constraints (ultraboundary temperature modes, an elevated pressure in units, chemically active environments).


Group of companies "CHEMAGREGAT" produces industrial filters and filter elements from carbon and stainless steel (304, 316L) using plastpolymeric compounds. Our items are used for particle separation in aggressive liquids and implemented in various industry sections.

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CJSC Group of Companies “CHEMAGREGAT” provides services on development, project engineering, engineering design, production and modernization of a wide nomenclature of chemical equipment.

We implement complex professional solutions complying with high economic, energy and environmental standards of modern chemical, petro-chemical and petroleum refining productions, enterprises of metallurgy and power industry.

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