Enterprise “CHEMAGREGAT” has started its history since 1998 from an engineering company specialized on supplies of petro-chemical equipment: chemical pumps (including leakproof pumps) and valves with polymeric flow tube mostly from fluoroplastics. At that time chemical pumps of such kind practically were not produced in Russia and valves were produced at two-three domestic plants.

In 2002 the specialists, having studied perfectly the specific character of the domestic market of chemical machine building and united by the idea to implement advanced manufacturing technologies and modern marketing forms, established Association “CHEMAGREGAT”. The new company chose development of the modular production combining corporate interactions of Russian and foreign companies with advanced marketing policy as its strategy. The production basis of Association “CHEMAGREGAT” became enterprise ‘Jiangsu Jiang Feng CHEMAGREGAT Co., Ltd’, (the People’s Republic of China), established on the basis of the concession agreement and by 2010 it was registered as a joint venture with consolidated Russian- Chinese capital. In 2012 as an additional production site in Russia assembly production of the main nomenclature of the equipment, including the oil pumps NV-D-1M was open.

История компании «ХИМАГРЕГАТ»

The advanced technologies were implemented into production which provided a possibility to use more chemical and thermal resistant fluoroplastics: polytetrafluorethylenes (teflon) (fluoroplastic-4МБ (FEP), fluoroplastic-50 (PFA) and their combinations), to increase the product’s quality and cut down the delivery term that resulted in application of new methods of logistics.

Implementation of the strategy made it possible by 2005 to reduce the price for products on average for 15-20% compared to analogous Russian producers – it became the main marketing trend of the company. Thus, even in conditions of complicated economic situation the cost of equipment of JSC Group of Companies “CHEMAGREGAT” never increased, on the contrary by 2012 the prices were fixed at the level for 60-80% lower than the prices of domestic competitors. Provided that quality of the products “CHEMAGREGAT TM” remains high and for some positions it has risen to a new level.

In 2009 the corps of engineers was strengthened with new employees previously worked in Chemical Automatics Design Bureau (CADB) (Voronezh). Their experience and skills contributed for further development of the technological and design basis of production as well as they provided the possibility to take the quality of the finished products to a new level. As the result of the team work in 2011-2012 the investment plan for the production’s reconstruction and modernization was implemented and the catalogue of equipment “CHEMAGREGAT TM” was significantly replenished with new models and modern constructive solutions, assembly production of a wide range of products was created.

In 2012 the production subdivision of JSC Group of Companies “CHEMAGREGAT” received CE Certificate confirming compliance of the produced equipment’s quality with the requirements and norms of European standards.

At the present JSC Group of Companies “CHEMAGREGAT” offers to the customers not only supplies of affordable equipment of high quality, adapted for the requirements of their productions but services for modernization and unique technological projects, tailor-made chemical equipment.

Group of Companies “CHEMAGREGAT” provides qualified support servicing: warranty and post-warranty repair within the shortest time possible, full reference theoretical and practical information on operation to all consumers of its products.

Corporate customers highly appreciate equipment quality and advantages of cooperation with JSC Group of Companies “CHEMAGREGAT” that is confirmed with their references.

In the near-term plans of the Company include entry the world market of chemical and petro-chemical equipment, supporting the dealership’s network development, launch of own assembly plant in the territory of Russia, growth of sales volumes with simultaneous quality improvement of the whole range of products of «CHEMAGREGAT тм».

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