АХН Q/H.12

АХН Q/H.12

Liquid flow range:
from 5 to 500 m3/h
Pressure range:
from 60 m to 400 m.
Temperature range of the pumped liquid:
from -49 F to 302 F (from -45 C to +150 C).
For a number of environments this temperature range can be extended.
Viscosity of the pumped liquid:
from 0.02 Pa.s to 100 Pa.s (from 20 cPs to 100000 cPs).
Size and concentration of solids:
The volume content of solid impurities up to 1.5%, up to 1 mm, depending on the abrasive properties of the particles and the size of the pump.
Pumps АХН Q/H.12 are horizontal cam-driven pumps for pumping liquids of high viscosity (oil residue, coal tar, etc.) from 0,02 — 100 Pa.s (20 — 100000 cPs). Engine power is given in the table for the liquid density equal to 1000 kg/m3. The pumps are notable for high reliability due to low rotation frequency (see Table "Technical characteristics"). The flow part of the pumps is made from carbon steel. Gland sealing. Liquid rate range is 5-500 m3/hour and pressure is 0,6-3,2 MPa. Minimum temperature of the pumped liquid is up to -45°С, maximum one is up to 150°С. On special demand, the pumps are produces with Т = 300°С and if necessary with jacket heating (cooling). Climatic version and location category is У2 according to GOST 15150-69.
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