АХН Q/H.15

АХН Q/H.15

Liquid flow range:
from 5 to 440 m3/h
Pressure range:
from 150 m to 650 m.
Temperature range of the pumped liquid:
from -4 F to 248 F (from -20 C to +120 C).
For a number of environments this temperature range can be extended.
The pumped liquid density:
up to 1850 kg/m3 (114 lbs/ft3).
Size and concentration of solids:
Volume content of solid impurities up to 0.5% and size up to 2 mm, depending on the abrasive properties of the particles and the size of the pump.
Electric pumping devices АХН Q/H.15 are high pressure multi-sectional pumps designed for pumping neutral and chemically active liquids with the density not more than 1850 kg/m3 and kinematic viscosity up to 30 cSt with volumetric content of solid impurities up to 0.5%, size up to 2 mm. Electric pumping devices АХН Q/H.15 have flow part made from carbon steel or stainless steel of 304, 316 L types. The pumps are equipped with gland sealing. Supply range of the pumps АХН Q/H.15 is from 5 m3/hour to 200 m/hour, pressure from 150 to 700 m. Technical characteristics and dimensional connecting sizes are defined after a particular electric pumping device is ordered. The figure shows an example of 4-step pump construction.
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